• The MedSource Cold Pack is convenient for effective pain relief and excellent to use in first aid situations. This instant cold pack is ready to use after activation. It measures 6” x 8”.
  • The MedSource Brand of Conforming Gauze is a durable conforming stretch bandage that holds dressings securely in place without slipping. Uniform knitting of polyester yarns creates a strong bandage that stretches and conforms to even the most difficult areas. Sterile.
  • The unique design of the MedStopper Gauze allows the bandage to be used in multiple applications.
  • ABD Pads

  • Burn Sheet

  • Tape

    MedSource Tapes come in a variety of materials and can be used in a variety of applications.
  • EMT Shears

    The MedSource EMT Shears are constructed of hardened, stainless-steel blades with one serrated edge to cut through the toughest materials.
  • This plush patient care bear is a great gift for a recovering child that is sure to brighten their day. Complete with gown, bandage, crutch and leg cast.
  • The MedSource Site-Loc Transparent Dressing has a notched design to provide a better seal around the catheter.


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