Our Commitment to Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goes much beyond any one project- being a responsible corporate citizen and protecting the environment is an inherent part of who we are as a company. It is an outgrowth of our purpose to advance in people’s lives through improving patient outcomes. As a company, we pledge to make a meaningful difference in sustainability of our business, our communities, and our planet.


As part of our company’s commitment of reducing medical waste, we will leverage our resources, insights, expertise, and scale to help clients better manage sustainability challenges, reduce medical waste, and capitalize on new opportunities.

NxtMed Recycling

Our Recycling program helps customers manage used medical products and reduce waste. The program includes the collection, transportation, and recycling of select medical products. Recycling FAQ

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our commitment to corporate social responsibility is a strategic part of how conduct business. Our efforts guide how we operate in a socially, economically, and environmentally responsible way around the world, to deliver for customers, partners, and employees.

Code of Conduct

We have modified our Code of Conduct specifically created for the purpose of ensuring that our vendors and suppliers around the globe put into place safe working conditions and their employees are treated with respect.  Components of our code of conduct include a renewed focus on Labor & Human Rights and Standards, Environmental Policy, and Ethics.

Fair & Equitable Trade

As a small medical manufacturing company, competing in the marketplace requires unhindered access to locations all around the globe. We are strong advocates of promoting fair and equitable trade pacts that are healthy for any country or industry.  It provides an environment where a company such as ours can maintain cost controls while also delivering products to our critical customers – patients that need it the most.

Giving Back to Our Community

The company has always been proud to support our employees’ passion and commitment to volunteering and giving as part of our approach to responsible growth. We know that community needs are great, and one of the ways we can play a role in helping to address tough issues is by connecting our employees to meaningful opportunities to help advance economic and social progress.

The Power of Change Starts with NxtMed

NxtMed provides our customers and partners with an environmentally friendly solution to reduce medical waste by recycling single-use medical devices that are normally destined for a landfill. With NxtMed, we leverage our resources, insights and expertise to help our clients achieve their sustainability goals.

Cost-savings and environmental concerns have led to the practice of recycling single-use medical devices (SUDs). Hospitals produce more than 5.9 million tons of medical waste each year. Educating and engaging customers on how to recycle more, the right way, drives your sustainability plan– whether you have a plan in place or are ready to initiate one.


It is our commitment of reducing medical waste, leveraging our resources, insights, expertise, and scale to help clients better manage sustainability challenges for future generations to come.

For several years, our employees have participated in various humanitarian efforts in emerging countries, such as Haiti. In 2018, we donated more than 40,000 medical supplies to Project C.U.R.E., the largest nonprofit provider of donated medical supplies to developing countries around the globe. Some of the supplies included I.V. Sets, Wound Care and infectious control products, and respiratory and airway units.

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