Blood Pressure Match Sets

The Blood Pressure Match Set is an easy and convenient diagnostic set. This set includes a Sprague Rappaport stethoscope, an inflatable handheld blood pressure unit, and a carrying case. They are great for nurses, doctors, technicians, students and home use.

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Product Specifications

Blood Pressure Match Sets

  • Range: 0-300mmHg
  • Carrying case included
  • Color: Blue, purple, green, yellow, red, black
  • Country of origin: China

    EA, 25 EA/CS

Features and Benefits

Carrying case – allows for easy transportation

No needle stop gauge – provides a more accurate reading

Sprague Rappaport stethoscope – double-tube configuration provides improved acoustics

Nylon cuff – durable, easy and convenient

Product Variations

Item Number Description
MS-BP1000 Blood Pressure Match Set, Blue
MS-BP3000 Blood Pressure Match Set, Purple
MS-BP4000 Blood Pressure Match Set, Green
MS-BP5000 Blood Pressure Match Set, Yellow
MS-BP6000 Blood Pressure Match Set, Red
MS-BP7000 Blood Pressure Match Set, Black