Ivan Kahle
Chief Financial Officer

We are pleased to announce the promotion of Ivan Kahle to Chief Financial Officer at MedSource Labs. Joining the Executive Leadership Team, Ivan brings valuable experience and expertise to his role.

Ivan’s impact on our financial operations has been nothing short of transformative. His pivotal role in the budgeting process and meticulous management of weekly cash flow forecasts have exemplified his dedication and expertise.

“Ivan will continue to lead our Accounting Team with the same commitment to excellence and strategic vision that has defined his career,” said Jim Noble, COO of MedSource Labs. “Ivan’s proven extensive experience makes him an invaluable asset to our organization.”

With an impressive background spanning over 30 years in accounting, Ivan brings a wealth of experience to his new role. Prior to joining MedSource, he served as the Chief Financial Officer for Aerospace Welding, showcasing his leadership in high-stakes financial environments. Before that, Ivan contributed significantly to Vanair Manufacturing, where he held the positions of Controller and Manager of Customer and Technical Services.