Dave Kunelius, President of MedSource Labs, recently addressed the Honorable Katherine Tai, United States Trade Representative, as part of an ongoing dialogue with local and national policymakers concerning challenges in the medical supply chain. In his communication dated April 19, 2024, Kunelius emphasized MedSource Labs’ role in manufacturing essential medical devices, such as IV catheters and thermometers and made several proposals to enhance supply chain resilience.

MedSource Labs actively participates in the entire supply chain, maintaining crucial relationships with raw material suppliers. This integrated approach is vital as disruptions in supply relationships can severely affect patient care in the US. The COVID-19 pandemic and geopolitical tensions have highlighted the fragility and vulnerabilities of global supply chains, emphasizing the urgent need for increased resilience.

Kunelius suggested policy solutions formulated by leadership at MedSource Labs to mitigate these risks. These include incentivizing airfreight to provide an alternative to sea transport, implementing tax benefits for nearshoring efforts and ensuring the prioritization of medical devices at U.S. ports. MSL continues to lobby for U.S. trade and investment policies to support domestic manufacturing growth through targeted actions, like expanding the industrial base and investing in advanced manufacturing technologies.

MedSource Labs advocates for diversifying supply chain strategies and has established manufacturing partnerships in lower-risk regions to reduce geopolitical risks. Policies promoting economic growth in these areas could further stabilize the supply chain. Kunelius stresses the need for a collaborative effort between the public and private sectors to develop a robust global supply chain infrastructure for vital medical devices. He affirmed MedSource Labs’ commitment to adapting and leading in this endeavor and readiness to work with the USTR to foster a more resilient supply chain environment.

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