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Push Button Style Safety IV Catheter

Active Safety – Push Button and Slide Style

This type of catheter typically features a mechanism that is manually activated to protect against accidental needlestick injuries during catheter removal.

Active safety IV catheters are designed to be user-controlled, offering an additional layer of protection to healthcare workers during catheter removal, thereby reducing the risk of needlestick injuries and potential exposure to bloodborne pathogens.

MedSource Active Safety Catheters:

TrueSafe® FAMILY

Push Button Style Safety IV Catheter

ClearSafe® FAMILY

Slide Style Safety IV Catheter

1. Triple Facet, Back Cut, Beveled Needle
Provides ease of insertion with increased patient
comfort at insertion site

2. Gently Tapered Catheter Tip
Provides smooth transition from needle to catheter during insertion

3. Push-Off Tab
Assists with one-handed catheter advancement

4. Ridged Catheter Hub
Offers superior grip and stability during connection of IV Administration Sets

5. Push Button Needle Retraction Safety Mechanism
Retracts needle fully and safely into catheter body

6. Audible Click Lock Safety Mechanism
Audible confirmation ensures the needle is safely encapsulated in the catheter body

7. Flashback Chamber
Allows for clear visual confirmation of successful venipuncture

8. Contoured Catheter Body
Ergonomically designed for one-handed technique

9. Encapsulating Needle Shield
Encases the needle as catheter is advanced, promoting needlestick safety and reducing exposure to bloodborne pathogens

Available in PTFE

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