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TrueSafe Comfort® BC
Push Button Style Safety IV Catheter

TrueSafe Comfort® BC Safety IV Catheters are ergonomically designed with contoured catheter housing and a textured hub that creates a non-slip grip for easy handling. The TrueSafe Comfort® BC Safety IV Catheters feature a triple-facet, bevel needle with a fully encapsulating needle shield that encases the needle upon full retraction, providing safety without compromising functionality.

Features and Benefits

  • Triple-facet, back cut, beveled needle
  • Gently tapered catheter tip
  • Ridged catheter hub
  • Blood control active check valve technology
  • Push-off tab
  • Contoured catheter body
  • Flashback chamber
  • Fully encapsulating needle shield
  • Audible click lock safety mechanism
  • VenaPUR®
  • Rapid Flash® notched needle

Silicone NPAs

The MedSource Robertazzi Nasopharyngeal Airway is made from a soft, flexible Neoprene material that is not made with natural rubber latex, making this product the ideal solution for patients with latex sensitivity.

Features and Benefits

  • Rounded, beveled tip – promotes safe insertion with increased patient comfort
  • Large trumpet – provides secure placement
  • Neoprene material – resists collapse
    and kinking

Flexall Splints

One splint that has multiple applications. Fold it, mold it, bend it, curve it, cut it or shape it into the desired configuration or size you need. The MedSource Flex-All Splint is lightweight, weather resistant*, radiolucent, not made with natural rubber latex and is effective on just about any part of the body.

*fluid may pass through material with pressure or time

Features and Benefits

  • Flexible – able to bend any way the
    patient needs
  • Radiolucent – can stay on the patient
    during x-rays
  • Lightweight – easy to put on and take
    off the patient.

Decompression Needles

The MedSource Decompression Needle is a deep-reaching catheter used in the treatment of tension pneumothorax.

Features and Benefits

  • Hard shell case
  • Easy open
  • Triple-facet, back cut, beveled needle
  • Rigid PTFE catheter material
  • Color coded catheter hub
  • Contoured grip

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