Specialty Cot Sheets

MedSource Specialty Cot Sheets come in a wide range of styles. They provide strength, durability and patient comfort.

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Product Specifications

Poly-Tissue Disposable Sheet
•Fluid resistant* polyethylene outer surface
• Tissue on the inside for comfort and softness
• Lightweight yet durable • 40″ x 84″

Heavy Duty, Cot Sheet with Pouch
• Fluid resistant* polyethylene top layer
• Air-laid bottom layer for superior strength and support for the patient
• Elastic ends for secure fit
• Convenient pouch sewn into sheet
• 30″ x 90″

Ready Fit, Fitted Sheet
• Heavy-duty cot sheet made especially for XPS mattress
• Fluid resistant*, non-woven polypropylene
• 36″ x 90″

*Fluid could pass through the material with pressure or time

Product Variations

Item Number Description
MS-44100 Poly-Tissue Disposable Sheet
MS-42205 Heavy Duty Cot Sheet with Pouch
MS-42210 Ready Fit Cot Sheet: Fitted Cot Sheet for Stryker® XPS™ Stretcher