Heavy-Duty Cot Sheets

Fitted with Sewn

The MedSource Heavy-Duty Cot Sheets are fitted for a secure fit and are made from a heavy weight polypropylene. The cot sheets are fluid resistant* and specifically designed for emergency use.

*Fluid could pass through the material with pressure or time

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Product Specifications

Pro-fitted Cot Sheet, Heavy Duty, Sewn Ends
• Made from a strong and durable emergency linen, 45 gsm
• Provides fluid resistant* barrier
• Sewn corners for a secure fit

Cot Sheet, Heavy Duty, Square Ends
• Made from a spun bonded polypropylene, 95 gsm
• Fluid resistant*
• Specifically designed for emergency service stretchers

Product Variations

Item Number Description
MS-42604 Pro-Fitted Cot Sheet Fitted, Sewn Ends, 30” x 72”
MS-001HS Cot Sheet: Cot Sheet, Heavy Duty, 30″x72″