Non-Rebreather & High Concentration Oxygen Masks

Complete, Partial and High Concentration

MedSource Non-Rebreather and High Concentration O2 Masks feature an elongated mask constructed of soft, transparent PVC plastic. The adjustable terylene spandex strap and nose clip ensures a comfortable fit for every patient. Available in adult or pediatric sizes. Includes 7’ of Star Lumen oxygen supply tubing and reservoir bag.

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Product Specifications

• Not made with natural rubber latex
• Soft & comfortable elongated O2 mask
• Kink-resistant oxygen tubing
• High quality “fits all” connector
• Single-use only
• Country of origin: China

Product Variations

Item Number Description
MS-25060 Complete Non-Rebreather
MS-25059 Partial Non-Rebreather
MS-25058 Pediatric Non-Rebreather
MS-25054-U Non-Rebreather, Infant under the Lip w/ Universal Connector
MS-25055-U Non-Rebreather, Infant Lip w/ Universal Connector
MS-25057-U Non-Rebreather, Pediatric, 2 valve Universal Connector
MS-25058-U Non-Rebreather, Pediatric w/Universal Connector
MS-25070 High Concentration 02 Mask, Adult
MS-25073 High Concentration 02 Mask, Pediatric