Nasal Cannula

Adult and Pediatric Sizes Available

MedSource Nasal Cannulas are designed for patients requiring medium or low concentration oxygen therapy and feature an over-the-ear design and softed nasal tips for increased patient comfort.

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Product Specifications

• Various Sizes
• For Patients Requiring Medium or Low Concentrations of Oxygen
• Oxygen Concentration Delivery: 24-44%
• Recommended Flow Rate: 1-6 LPM
• Not made with natural rubber latex
• Single-use only
• Country of origin: China

Product Variations

Item Number Description
MS-24003 Nasal Cannula, Adult, Non-Flared Tip, 7’
MS-24004 Nasal Cannula, Adult, Flared Tip, 7’
MS-24005 Nasal Cannula, Adult, Non-Flared Tip, 14’
MS-24008 Nasal Cannula, Adult, Non-Flared Tip w/ Universal Connector, 7’
MS-24101 Nasal Cannula, Pediatric, 7’
MS-20007 Star Lumen O2 Tubing Only, 7’