Disposable Pillowcases

Poly-Tissue Pillowcase (Pillow Not Included)

Disposable, single-use pillowcases are a great option for EMS and ER where cross-contamination can be a problem. They are soft and comfortable for patients while helping caregivers maintain a clean and hygienic environment.

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Product Specifications

• 22” x 30”
• Tissue layer inside, polyethylene outside
• Water resistant* protection
• Country of origin: China

• 22” x 30”
• Strong polypropylene, 42gsm
• Single-use
• Country of origin: Colombia

*Fluid may pass through material with pressure or time

Product Variations

Item Number Description
MS-44125 Disposable Pillowcase, Polyethylene, 100 PK
MS-003PL Disposable Pillowcase, Polypropylene, 100 PK