Moving The Needle


With our Innovative Check Valve Technology

Blood Control

Healthcare professionals subject themselves to the risks associated with needle stick injuries and bloodborne pathogen exposure every time they perform venipuncture. The MedSource Family of Blood Control Safety IV Catheters are engineered to minimize these risks, allowing focus to remain on the task at hand.

  Collection Features and Benefits

  • Triple-Facet Bevel Needle
  • Gently Tapered Catheter Tip
  • Blood Control Active Check Valve
  • Large-Volume Chamber
  • Fully Encapsulating Needle Shield

Our Patent-Pending Active Check Valve Technology

Inhibits the flow of blood during IV cannulation, engineered to protect healthcare professionals and their patients from exposure to bloodborne pathogens. Our innovative Blood Control IV catheters last for 5 years, whereas comparable products have a limited 2-year shelf life.

TrueSafe Comfort BC hub

TrueSafe Comfort® BC
Push Button Style Safety IV Catheter

Blood Control with Active Check
Valve Technology

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ClearSafe Comfort BC hub

ClearSafe Comfort® BC
Slide Style Style Safety IV Catheter

Blood Control with Active Check
Valve Technology

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IV Catheter Safety Mechanisms
Active Safety

This type of catheter typically features a mechanism that is manually activated to protect
against accidental needlestick injuries during catheter removal.

Active safety IV catheters are designed to be user-controlled, offering an additional layer
of protection to healthcare workers during catheter removal, thereby reducing the risk
of needlestick injuries and potential exposure to bloodborne pathogens.

MedSource Active Safety Catheters:

ClearSafe® FAMILY
Slide Style Safety IV Catheter

TrueSafe® FAMILY
Push Button Style Safety IV Catheter