Sharps Dart

The MedSource Sharps Dart features a leak-resistant cap, locking lid and puncture resistant bottom to provide containment of used IV catheters, small syringes, and other sharps waste. The convenient size of this Sharps Dart fits easily into carry bags for EMS, Fire/Rescue and Nursing while offering a simple one-handed technique to open and close the disposal opening.

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Product Specifications

• 6.7” (17cm) in Length, 1.2” (3cm) in Diameter, Empty Weight of .9oz (255grams)
• Made of Plastic
• Tested to the Standard of ISO ASTM F2132-01 for Puncture Resistance
• Locking Lid
• Single-use
• Country of origin: China

Features and Benefits

One-handed operation – Safely dispose of sharps immediately after use

Puncture-resistant bottom – Prevents contaminated sharps waste from contacting the user

Small size – Portable for EMS professionals

Large opening – Easily accommodates small syringes, IV catheter needles and other sharps waste

Instructions For Use

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Product Variations

Item Number Description
MS-64250 Sharps Dart