Endotracheal Tubes – with Preloaded Stylette

Cuffed and Uncuffed

Constructed of kink-resistant, medical grade PVC, MedSource Endotracheal Tubes are ideal for oral/nasal intubation and airway management.

Product Information
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Product Specifications

• Standard 15mm connector
• Oral or nasal use
• Short or long-term use
• Medical grade PVC
• Sterilized with EO
• Single-use only
• Not made with natural rubber latex
• Country of origin: China

Features and Benefits

Stylet (cuffed and uncuffed) – provides structure for proper placement

Radiopaque black line (cuffed and uncuffed) – confirms proper placement with x-ray

Pilot balloon (cuffed) – allows for tactile sense of cuff volume

Product Variations

Item Number Description
MS-23450 ET Tube, 5.0mm, Cuffed with Stylet
MS-23455 ET Tube, 5.5mm, Cuffed with Stylet
MS-23460 ET Tube, 6.0mm, Cuffed with Stylet
MS-23465 ET Tube, 6.5mm, Cuffed with Stylet
MS-23470 ET Tube, 7.0mm, Cuffed with Stylet
MS-23475 ET Tube, 7.5mm, Cuffed with Stylet
MS-23480 ET Tube, 8.0mm, Cuffed with Stylet
MS-23485 ET Tube, 8.5mm, Cuffed with Stylet
MS-23490 ET Tube, 9.0mm, Cuffed with Stylet
MS-23410 ET Tube, 10.0mm, Cuffed with Stylet
Item Number Description
MS-23325 2.5mm Uncuffed with Stylet
MS-23330 3.0mm Uncuffed with Stylet
MS-23335 3.5mm Uncuffed with Stylet
MS-23340 4.0mm Uncuffed with Stylet
MS-23345 4.5mm Uncuffed with Stylet
MS-23350 5.0mm Uncuffed with Stylet
MS-23355 5.5mm Uncuffed with Stylet