ABD Pads

MedSource ABD Pads are a sterile, all-purpose bandage and wound cleaning pad. Absorbent, breathable, flexible – perfect for controlling bleeding and preventing contamination of large wounds. They are non-woven, white, sterile and adhere to FDA standards. MS-ABD5X9 is nine inches in width by 5 inches in length and MS-ABD8X10 is ten inches in width by eight inches in length. They are not waterproof. The package type is unitized.

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ABD Pads

  • Sterilization method: EO
  • Sizes: 5” x 9”, 8” x 10”
  • Country of origin: China

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Product Variations

Item Number Description
MS-ABD5X9 ABD Pads, 5″ x 9″
MS-ABD8X10 ABD Pads, 8″ x 10″