When we think of an employee who stands out and epitomizes our corporate values, dedication, and loyalty of MedSource Labs, many of us immediately look to our fellow colleague, Carlos Beltran.  Carlos has been with the company for nearly five years and his responsibilities include serving as Warehouse Supervisor, leading a team to ensure our medical product lines are shipped and delivered across the U.S. and globe.  The company carries hundreds of medical products and Carlos has a huge responsibility of helping to maintain inventory control while ensuring our products reach their final destinations of hospitals, fire departments and other critical locations.  Minnesota is known for its harsh winter conditions and as long as our various postal carriers are in operation, Carlos sees to it that his team receives, ships and delivers products from our headquarters office.

Born in Mexico just south of the Texas border, Carlos spent his childhood living in different parts of Mexico before migrating to the U.S. to seek new opportunities. During his early years in the U.S., Carlos held different types of jobs in Chicago where his son, Carlos was born. His family eventually moved to the Twin Cities area, where they fell in love with the beauty, culture, and all of its offerings, including Carlos’s greatest passion, soccer.

We sat down with Carlos to learn more about him, his work at MedSource Labs, and his involvement in the local community.

MSL: What first attracted you to MedSource Labs?

CARLOS: It was more a matter of happenstance that I learned about MedSource. The company was moving next door to where I was employed and I became acquainted with Jason Ring, Director of Business Development, and we began talking about MedSource. That’s how I learned about this great company and its opportunities. Ultimately, it was Jason’s kindness that attracted me to the company – it speaks volumes of the type of friendly environment we have at MedSource Labs.

MSL: What’s the most rewarding work that you do at the company?

CARLOS: There is no single factor.  First, our company is continuing to expand and being part of its growth is very important to me. I also see new products being launched regularly, and I get very excited about all of them and their importance and relevance. As a company, I feel we’re making a real difference.

MSL: Could you tell us about your involvement in the local community?

CARLOS: For about 12 years I have been heavily involved in the local soccer community in Chaska, Minnesota. It’s very rewarding to see all of these kids grow and mature when playing soccer.  I also believe that soccer serves as an important bridge between public officials and the community at large.  For instance, we work with local community leaders including the mayor of Chaska as well the local police department and churches in helping to build relationships and connections with the local community.  These types of activities really help pull the community together and I am really grateful to be a part of it.

MSL: What sort of other activities do you enjoy?

CARLOS: I love to travel, and I don’t need to go too far.  In fact, much of my travel is to some of the more remote local areas, such as parts of Wisconsin where it’s quiet and peaceful.

MSL: What’s the biggest piece of advice for young individuals seeking new opportunities? 

CARLOS: I would offer a couple pieces of advice.  It’s important to be responsible, disciplined, and honest. When you have those important characteristics, I feel opportunities will come to you.