Available in the U.S. for the First Time: MedSource Labs’ VeroTrue Conventional IV Catheter  

Versatile, Economical Catheter Has Sold More than One Billion Units Worldwide 

 [CHANHASSEN, MINNESOTA] October 4, 2021 — MedSource Labs today announced that the VeroTrue™ Conventional IV Catheter, long trusted by healthcare providers outside of the U.S., is now available domestically.   

 The VeroTrue™ Conventional IV Catheter is part of MedSource Labs’ legacy international product line. Made of radiopaque PTFE material, it is strong yet flexible, minimizing the risk of kinks, and allows a smooth release of the catheter from the needle. The tri-cut needle provides a more comfortable experience for the patient. Its broad functionality makes it appropriate for use in hospitals, clinics, and veterinary offices. It is available at a lower price compared to similar IV catheter products.  

 “We are delighted to introduce the VeroTrue™ Conventional IV Catheter in the United States. It is a highly flexible and functional everyday instrument designed to improve patient outcomes,” said Rachel Sender, Vice President, Product Management at MedSource Labs. “We are always seeking to provide more options for medical providers with a focus on high quality as our top priority.”  

 VeroTrue™ catheters have sold more than one billion units worldwide, and the conventional IV catheter is available in the United States in the early fall of 2021.    


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